RAD ART WORLD officially started way back in 2002 on the 2nd day of February by California Artist Ryan Donald Mack as a way to show case his art - The Artist quickly started thinking it could be the gateway for all creative artists and performers to share their art and raise charity: The great idea got derailed however when a technical issue caused the first domain name SaveTheWorldBuyArt.com to be sold at auction - losing the thousands of followers to the site in an instant to disappear over night. The artist Ryan Donald Mack would have the same thing happen all over again with the website RadArtDish.com ::: ohhh goodness : piracy ::: no honor amoung thieves...... and on it goes. and on it went....

Yes the artist did learn a thing or two about this wild wild west thing called the internet thanks to that good ole 'godaddy' These days the artist owns his own servers in another country - to avoid censorship and yet another crisis for the website - The artist can now sell anyone their own permanent webspace. For more info on that fill out the contact form below.

Today is a great day to celebrate the Twentieth Year Anniversary of Rad Art World: and the artist formerly known as Ryan Donald Mack : RAD is now the

NEW AMERICAN GALACTIC EMPIRE. and COSPLAY4charity.com would like you to join us with a donation of $ 55.00 ::

The future is always bright for art - and we need YOU the Artist to get there !
2002 to 2022